Pam Eppinette is from Ephrata, PA. She is a Country Gospel Singer/Songwriter, Author, Speaker, a LIFE Leadership Coach and an Internet Marketing Mentor. Pam is an anointed Country Gospel Singer and when she sings... chains break, walls come smashing down, prison doors are opened and captives are set free. She has a gift and knows it is from the Father to glorify His Son, Jesus Christ and tell people about the power of the Holy Spirit. Her mission is to set the captives free and lead them to truth. She can do that with ministry and also by helping people as a LIFE Leadership coach. She helps people in 8 areas of their lives: Faith, Family, Finances, Freedom, Fitness, Fun, Friends and Following  In addition to that, she helps people build compensated communities where they can get paid to listen to cds, attend leadership seminars and associate with a team of like-minded people who want to change the world and make a better place for their kids, their grandkids and future generations. Pam is an anointed songwriter... (country/bluegrass)... (gospel/worship/other) with almost 500 songs copyrighted. She sings original songs an has been writing songs under the anointing of the Holy Spirit since 2002. Pam is available for conferences, churches, parties, fairs, exhibits, etc. Clean entertainment that brings hope, peace and joy! Pam wants to sing in prisons and will go wherever the doors are opened as long as she feels God is leading her. It is not about the money, it is about souls. Souls that are destined to go to hell unless someone tells them about Jesus. There is such an anointing in her voice, even the roughest people tell her she has an amazing voice and they want ther to sing again. “God will get all the glory and honor for all my accomplishments. Without Him, I can do nothing!” Pam Eppinette   Lorem Ipsum this panel extends vertically only.  Commodo dolore est cupidatat elit deserunt in. Nulla, dolore velit ut dolore tempor ut Qui aliqua dolore in mollit nulla officia ullamco, est duis deserunt occaecat et deserunt? Deserunt nisi dolore ex occaecat qui ut labore dolor. Et aute ullamco est cillum, id ad eiusmod et.In magna ullamco occaecat ipsum nostrud veniam sed officia consectetur dolore pariatur quis irure culpa fugiat ipsum anim dolor. Made with Xara Called to bring hope to the broken-hearted and to set the captives FREE! Pam Eppinette 2 0 1 3   Called to bring hope to the  broken-hearted and to set  the  captives FREE! Imprisoned By Satan’s Lies 2 0 1 3 Wedding Blooper pameppinette